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Operatec was founded by Wolfgang Petzold and Christoph Van Elten in 2008. Since then  we have stayed true to our philosophy, to offer precise and quality work and provide specialist consultations. This philosophy is carried out by our engaged and motivated staff.

The company OPERATEC (latin for craftsmanship) acts as a nationwide service of home applliances and similar products.

Our company consists of an experienced team of colleagues with years of experience in the industry, internal and external customer service. Due to customer service experience, we are extremely well positioned, serve our customers and to represent their interests.
As a result of our long standing contacts, we managed to win over experienced service centres across Germany.
Everything is managed by our merchandise management and service solution abacusplus, which our processes even better optimized, so that we can respond quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Keeping up to date for you

OPERATEC is a certified craftsmanship company with specialised personnel.
Our employees continually attend further training to attain more qualifications and expand their specialty knowledge to ensure OPERATEC is always up to date in all areas.